Your Best Is Yet To Come

The real YOU is gloriously beautiful, interesting, and totally unique.

Once you’ve broken through the fog enough to feel like your head is clearing, the last thing you want to do is drift back to familiar, ingrained patterns that were unhealthy and nonproductive.

Your eyes are open and now you’re able to connect the dots in ways you didn’t understand or recognize before, but now what?

Unless you’re deliberate about shaking off unproductive habits of thought and action and replacing them with activated truth, it’s all too easy to slide right back into what was, perhaps with different faces involved, but essentially the same path.

That’s why this next stage of your journey is pivotal.

This is the time where you focus on rebuilding, refreshing, refocusing, and rediscovering…YOU.

Without investing time and energy on inner housecleaning and separating truth from distortion like you did in the previous step of the journey, the real you would have remained buried under the burden of everything that’s happened.  Pat yourself on the back for how much you’ve already overcome.

Now you’re ready.

It will take some time and focused effort, but you absolutely can…

…walk in the light of truths that grant you freedom to choose who you want to be and how you want to live your life.

…rebuild godly character qualities that guide the way you respond to people and situations.

…set guilt-free boundaries that will protect you.

…stop the pattern of knee jerk reactions so you make healthy, productive choices leading to good outcomes.

…employ useful strategies that help you regain focus and productivity.

…engage in every dimension of your life with quiet strength, bold passion, and gracious confidence, knowing that who you are and what you have to offer the world is all thanks to Him.

You were designed by God to display His glory to the world in a way that is uniquely…YOU.

I can help you unlock, explore, and cultivate those beautiful qualities planted as seeds within, so you show up each day as the as the bold, passionate, joyful, and powerfully unique individual you truly are.

I have a gift that will help guide you as you move forward in this next stage of the journey.

Use this simple tool for 10 minutes every morning.  You’ll start recognizing the impact of this exercise within the first 10 days.

Wake Up Your Best Self

A Simple Tool to Activate Your Best Qualities